Vintage Hydroplanes

Vintage Hydroplanes

The 2024 Apolloย  Columbia Cup is honored to host vintage Unlimited Hydroplanes, paying homage to the history of our event. The featured boats dominated the sport from 1973 to 1981. Overall, they have won 68 races, 7 Gold Cups, and 9 national titles. While they were on top, few could challenge them.

1979 Squire Shop

Designed by Dave Knowlen and built by Norm Berg, legendary driver Chip Hanauer used this boat to score his very first Unlimited victory.

1973 Pay and Pak

Although a couple of Unlimited Hydroplanes sported the pickle fork design since the 1960s, this boat represented the first true breakthrough for the design that would soon become the standard in hydroplane racing.

1967 Miss Budweiser

The Hydroplane & Raceboat Museum restored the boat to her Miss Budweiser colors in 1999 just in time to take part in filming the movie, โ€œMadison.โ€

1982 Atlas Van Lines | Blue Blaster

This boat made its return to the water at Seafair in 2014 in Seattle, Wash.. The Hydroplane & Raceboat Museum in Kent, WA., spent four years and approximately $100,000 to restore the Blue Blaster to its original condition.