Grand Prix World Hydros

Water Follies is excited to welcome the automotive powered hydroplanes of Grand Prix World back for the 2017 Columbia Cup. Grand Prix World is a class and club in the American Powerboat Association with the goal of bringing the thunder back to the fans of boat racing. They bring close competitive racing with lots of noise Deck to Deck full throttle fight for lanes.

When the Grand Prix fire their engines, it will be sure to get the attention of the entire shoreline. At 26 feet long, most GP boats are only slightly smaller than an unlimited hydroplane. GPs tip the scales at roughly 3000lbs, less than half of what their big brothers the Unlimited Hydroplanes weigh. These boats are powered by 468 cubic inch big block engines with a 6-71 blower turning at 120 percent of crankshaft speed. In other words…REALLY FAST!

Plans include the participation of seven GP boats from the Grand Prix World organization. There will be one GP preliminary heat on Saturday, One more on Sunday and a final heat. Although they do not have qualifying like the Unlimiteds, expect plenty of testing to occur on Friday. There are also plans for several GP boat displays around town prior to race weekend.


4 Grand Prix World Hydroplanes Start The Final

For more information about the Grand Prix boats, please visit Grand Prix World’s website.

Grand Prix Hydroplanes are sponsored by UA Local 598 and Signatory Contractors