News Archive

The Google News Archive is a great resource of historical information for hydroplane fans. With it, you can read newspaper articles from past Water Follies Events. Water Follies is in the process of assembling links to historical articles in the archive. As each decade is completed, it will be added to the website.  Here are some tips about using the news archive links:

1.) Clicking a link will zoom in on an article.  Depending on how the article headline was anchored, this could mean the associated picture for the article is off the screen.  So, it is best to use the google page controls to zoom out a  bit so you can see the entire story. Use the ‘Fit to Height’ icon to quickly zoom out and see the full page.

2.) Sometimes, the link will not go to a specific article.  For example, in 1968 there is a Monday Paper (Turn to Page 5 for Atomic Cup Articles).  This is because while the google archive is a great tool, it is not perfect.  Sometimes the individual articles are not correctly linked on a page.  In those cases, I will simply provide the link to that days paper, with some instruction on where to turn to see the hydro articles.

3.)  Browse the other pages of the papers.  Its an interesting to see what other things were happening back in the early days of hydro racing.  Sometimes, there is interesting hydro themed advertisements to look at.  Also, I’,m not perfect in linking the articles, so there could be some I miss.

4.) If you browse through the editions of the Herald, you will notice gaps in the available issues.  Sometimes, this is due to multiple issues being combined.  Again, shocking as it may seem, Google News Archive is not perfect.  Missing days papers may be contained in days previous or following.

Available Archives: 1960’s | 1970’s (Coming Soon)