Volunteers are the Greatest

The heart of Tri-City Water Follies is the volunteers. Year-around, they plan activities, work on equipment, raise funds, and even recruit more volunteers. And during the weekend event, these dedicated people of all ages volunteer countless hours starting before the sun rises and long after it sets to make sure the race and air show fans have a great experience. Tri-City Water Follies contributes more than $20,000 to other nonprofit organizations who use the event as a fundraiser. Money is contributed to organizations in exchange for providing help such as parking cars, selling programs, ticket takers, and traffic control.

Through the years, volunteers have been instrumental in park improvement projects that have been enjoyed by the community year-around. Volunteers have built docks, painted equipment, picked up litter, installed electrical services and more. Irrigation was installed and grass was planted on more than 30 acres on both sides of the river, improving it not only for the fans, but others throughout the year.

Tri-City Water Follies, a nonprofit organization, sincerely appreciates all the help from the thousands of volunteers who make it happen year after year.

If you are interested in donating your time and becoming a Tri-City Water Follies Volunteer chose from one of the following methods to get started:

We have need for volunteers in the following committees:

  • Water Operations
  • Air Show
  • Gates
  • Security
  • Administration
  • Set-Up
  • Clean-Up



Volunteer Form

* required


I understand that I am responsible for my own safety during this event and agree to the policies established by the Tri City Water Follies Association (as posted in the Pit Trailer).

I, , hereby give permission for my child, , to participate in volunteer activities for the Tri-City Water Follies Association. The Tri-City Water Follies Association believes in hosting a safe event and encourages community volunteerism and participation. We strive to provide as safe an environment for volunteers as possible and expect that parent and child understand that risk exists and to act safely. I agree to the schedule my child is to work and understand that transportation will not be provided.

I consent for my child, as named above, to receive medical attention if needed while volunteering for the Tri-City Water Follies Association.