The Tri-Cities Water Follies has some big, big news for fans, the F-22 Raptor, the United States Air Force’s newest fighter aircraft will be appearing in the Tri-Cities at this year’s HAPO Columbia Cup and Over the River Airshow. This is a major “get” says Kathy Powell, Director of the Water Follies. “These planes are the top of the top, the coolest of the coolest,” she said. “Folks on the river shore are in store for a show like we haven’t seen here.”

The F-22’s are part of the Air Combat Command F-22 Demonstration Team, based out of Langley Air Force Base. The team performs precision aerial maneuvers to demonstrate the unique capabilities. The F-22 engines produce more thrust than any current fighter engine. The combination of design and increased thrust allows the F-22 to cruise at supersonic airspeeds (greater than 1.5 Mach) without using afterburner — a characteristic known as supercruise.

This team performs at some of the top air shows around the country, said Powell. “To have them perform for us in the Tri-Cities is a testament to the history and draw of our event. We couldn’t be prouder.”

The 2017 HAPO Columbia Cup and Over the River Air Show is July 28 – July 30.

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This post was written by Kathy Powell