Pasco, WA, April 5, 2011—The Air National Guard will partner with H1 Unlimited in 2011 as the hydroplane series partner. The first of six races in the series, officially titled the Air National Guard Hydroplane Series, will take place on July 1, 2011 in Madison, IN.
H1 Unlimited Chairman Sam Cole and Capt. Rondal Perry, Division Chief of Marketing and Recruiting Resources for ANG jointly made the announcement to team owners and drivers during the racing body’s organizational meetings and annual banquet in Las Vegas.
“We are honored and excited to welcome the Air National Guard as the sponsor of our 2011 H1 Unlimited series,” Cole said. “It is an opportunity for us to showcase all aspects of our sport and produce the marketing, recruiting and ROI results that are key to the Air National Guard’s objectives. We are proud to engage with our new partner and look forward to a spectacular Air National Guard Championship Series.”
”The Air National Guard is extremely pleased to partner with H1 Unlimited for the 2011 U.S. national races as its title sponsor,” said Capt. Perry, “It seems that the two organizations were made for each other as we both are keenly interested in skilled precision and consistent excellence, yet we both do it on a part-time basis. The current and emerging fans of H1 Unlimited can easily relate to the current and emerging missions of the Air Guard.”
Following the first race in Madison, IN, the series will continue on to the prestigious Gold Cup in Detroit, MI (July 8-10), and races in Tri-Cities, WA (July 29-31), Seattle, WA (Aug. 5-7),  San Diego, CA (Sept. 16-18) and Doha, Qatar (Nov. 17-19). Another event will be added to the schedule in coming weeks.
Air National Guard Hydroplane Series events will be televised on the Versus Network and stream live online at “”. Each event will have onsite activities to engage race fans as well as meet with ANG recruiters to learn more about the vital missions the Air Guard provides to our nation and local communities.
H1 Unlimited racing features the fastest race boats on the water with a turbine-powered hydroplane reaching speeds of up to 200 mph and drivers are subjected to G-forces of up to 6’s Gs in turns.

About the Air National Guard

The Air National Guard is a reserve component of the United States Air Force. They serve a dual role, supporting both federal and state missions and are called upon in times of natural disaster, civil disturbance, and to support homeland defense. There are more than 140 units across the U.S. states and territories, allowing Air Guard members the advantage of being able to serve part-time or full-time from a unit of their choice.

Being close to home, they may pursue educational and career goals, gaining valuable career experience and outstanding military benefits – all while experiencing the pride of serving their community and country. With over 200 career field opportunities, the Air National Guard is at the forefront of high-tech industries of the 21st century. Members can receive top-notch training and expand the experience in a variety of fields including communications, engineering, ministry, technology, and healthcare. For more information on the Air Guard visit


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